Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pageant Vixen Talks: Holly Hale

Last week in our "Pageant Vixen Talks," we had Melody Mir, who won as 3rd Runner-Up in the 2012 Miss International Pageant. This week, we have a very special Pageant Vixen Talks. Since the Miss Universe pageant has kicked off on it's arrivals and departures, well it's time for you to know one of the ladies who will be competing in this year's Miss Universe Pageant. She is representing Great Britain and surely you'll learn something from her. She is Holly Hale!

UBC: Who is Holly Hale as a beauty queen? 
Holly: I am a very shocked beauty queen! I did not expect to be in the situation I am in which proves if you want something badly enough and try hard you can achieve it! I am happy to be Miss Universe GB because I am in a unique position where I am able to meet many people from all around the world and share with them my personality and beliefs. I’m quite edgy, have a modelling background and even tattoo of the quote from Corinthian’s Chapter 13 about hope, faith and love on my side. When I first started going to church this passage inspired me and now I carry it around with me.

UBC: What considerations did you take as you enter in the world of pageantry?

Holly: Some of my first thoughts when getting involved with the pageant scene was how I would deal with being surrounded by so many beautiful women! I realised early on that could be overwhelming and I know that I am not alone when say that women can be their own biggest critics. I have promised myself to be confident and positive. As national representatives – and sometimes even role models - I think we owe it to other young women to be strong and positive and to believe in ourselves.

UBC: As this is your first pageant, how does it feel for a first timer to represent her country in an international pageant?

Holly: I am immensely proud! Being 21 I did not imagine I would have the opportunity to travel across the world and compete with 80 or so other countries and be representing Great Britain! Even though this prospect sometimes feels quite daunting because I do not know what to expect, my main goal is to do Great Britain and myself proud and come home knowing I did the best possible job I could of representing my country.

UBC: How do you prepare things like this?

Holly: Apart from making sure I have all the essentials required for my time and Miss Universe and that I am fit and healthy I think there is not much else I can do because I have remained and will remain myself throughout this entire experience. It is important to remain true to who you are and to accept this and that is what I wish to demonstrate at the international level.

UBC: What goal/s are you setting in the pageant? 
Holly: My goals are mostly personal when it comes to the pageant. I want to make myself, my family and my country proud. In regards to being placed or even winning Miss Universe, of course that would be a dream come true but I will be going out to the pageant relaxed, happy and with an open mind and hopefully this will pay off.

UBC: What advice did Chloe-Beth Morgan gave you for this pageant? 
Holly: Chloe-Beth Morgan is an amazing teacher and mentor and it is always comforting knowing that if I am having any doubts or need any advice that she will be there to lend a hand. Chloe has so much experience when it comes to the world of pageants and has taught me many things from interview skills to how to walk but ultimately Chloe and I share the same belief that at the end of the day all you can do is your best and to be yourself and make the most of every experience that comes your way.

UBC: What is more important? Beauty or Brains? 
Holly: When I think of the word beauty I think it is a word that is not easily defined. All around the world people’s idea of what beauty is varies but I do believe beauty is important whether it is on the outside or comes from within because it is part of that person and makes them who they are. Beauty on the outside is wonderful but it is also fleeting, so I believe it is important to make the most of what you have in terms of your looks but not to rely on them as a way to make it through life. Emotional and academic intelligence is also very important to engage on another level.

UBC: How will you treasure this experience?
Holly: This experience so far has been one like no other so I can only imagine what is to come when I travel out to the international competition. This is a unique opportunity and I realise how lucky I am to be in this position so I really will treasure and remember this experience for the once in a lifetime and unique opportunity that it is.

UBC: What advice can you give to the aspiring beauty queens?
Holly: My first piece of advice would be to look after your body, eat well and exercise because your body is an amazing tool and when you feel good about yourself this will translate in interviews and on stage. My second piece of advice would be confidence! People respond to confidence and when you are competing against a number of girls and you are all lined up next to each other on a stage confidence is what can set you apart. Lastly be true to who you are and don't ever feel you need to be anything other than you.

UBC: As a student, how do you balance your time for school and time for the pageant? 
Holly: I always rather being busy and am now very good and multi tasking so I do enjoy and welcome the work that comes both from my degree and from the pageant. Because University and the pageant are very different things being involved in them both keeps my life full and varied which I love.

UBC: Beauty Tip to All.
Holly: CONFIDENCE! :). Both in who you are and the way you look.

UBC: Message to your fans.
Holly: Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my journey as Miss Universe GB, I will make you all proud! <3

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Hope you know more about Holly guys. Universal Beauty Council would like to thank her organization for allowing us to interview her. We would like to wish Holly the best of luck as she strives for the crown in Las Vegas. Good luck Holly!