Thursday, 13 December 2012

The 15 Diamonds

The 15 Diamonds
UBC's Miss Universe 2012 Best in Glam Shot
Photo: Fadil Berisha

The 89 contestants of Miss Universe 2012 participated on the Fashion shoot with Miss Universe's official photographer Fadil Berisha in line with the chosen theme- Victoria's Secret. We choose the 15 who truly fits the Victoria Secret-ish factor.

Miss Poland 2012
1st: Poland

Miss Finland 2012
2nd: Finland

Miss Haiti 2012
3rd: Haiti

Miss Venezuela 2012
4th: Venezuela

Miss Georgia 2012
5th: Georgia

Miss Ireland 2012
6th: Ireland

Miss Bolivia 2012
7th: Bolivia

Miss Albania 2012
8th: Albania

Miss Chile 2012
9th: Chile

Miss Belgium 2012
10th: Belgium

Miss Philippines 2012
11th: Philippines

Miss USA 2012
12th: USA
Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2012
13th: Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Ecuador 2012
14th: Ecuador
Miss Uruguay 2012
15th: Uruguay