Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Final Prediction

Miss Universe 2012

Miss Puerto Rico 2012
Puerto Rico - Bodine Koehler
Best in North America

Puerto Rico's 6th crown is truly visible this year with their stunning representative Bodine Koehler. Straigh forward, Bodine has the whole package. Face, Height, Body, Performance-she got it all. She's one of the girls who rocked the pre-pageant days with her amazing beauty and personality and she's one of the girls who set the stage on fire during the Prelims.

1st Runner Up

Miss Venezuela 2012
Venezuela - Irene Esser
Best in South America
This young woman has the star quality in her. Like Bodine, this girl has the all qualities a Miss Universe should possess. Throughout the competition, she's always one of the lively, eye-catcher, and charismatic. And not to mention, a Venezuelan representative is always equipped.

2nd Runner Up

Miss Philippines 2012
Philippines - Janine Tugonon
Best in Asia

With this year's Filipina representative, we can tell that Janine has the capabilities and abilities to put Philippines into 3-peat after her predecessor's placements. Not to mention that a large number of Filipino people is in Vegas which makes her feel more confident and worried-free. Janine came as the one who has the greatest transformations ever. Her catwalk in the swimsuit round was amazing although we're not that sold on her gown.

3rd Runner Up

Miss South Africa 2012
South Africa - Melinda Bam
Best in Africa

She is one of the most favored Miss South Africa's who ever graced the Miss Universe stage. This lady is well prepared from wardrobe and to the edge aspect of the competition. During the arrival days, she was one of the stand outs.

4th Runner Up

Miss Croatia 2012
Croatia - Elizabeta Burg
Best in Europe
Elizabeta is one of the effortlessly beautiful this year. She's got this irresistible aura and beauty. Yes, we gotta admit that she has one of the weakest preliminary performance, but for us, it's truly exceptional. She was indeed gorgeous and elegant.

TOP 10

Miss Paraguay 2012
Paraguay - Egni Eckert

Egni, being one of the statuesque candidates this year, is truly mesmerizing. Although frequently criticized by having this pornish vibe, Egni proved to these people that she's a modest queen. Had one of the best Evening gown performances and best bodies in the competition.

Miss Ecuador 2012
Ecuador - Carolina Aguirre

The best fave on this year's competition. In the preliminaries, we are bit disappointed with her disastrous evening gown but what we became delighted when she used her face as her sharp weapon on winning the judges hearts. We wish to see her on the Top 16 tomorrow!

Miss Australia 2012
Australia - Renae Ayris
Best in Oceania

A typical blonde yet never should be underestimated. As the competition got closer, many people said that Renae is a downgrade version of Scherri-Lee Biggs (last year's representative). But this girl came to Vegas well-prepared and won over everyone with her unique and captivating smile. Had the most fashionable evening gown and curvaceous body in the competition.

Miss Colombia 2012
Colombia - Daniella Alvarez

After the preliminaries, we expected that Dani would be on everyone's list! This girl has one of the best preliminary performance! But what we didn't like is her chubby face, but other than that, she's beautifully great!

Miss Georgia 2012
Georgia - Tamar Shedania

This girl is a goddess! We bow down to her! A certified supermodel! She gave a very solid performance at the preliminary competition! However, she's not a Miss Universe prototype which caused her to land in the 10th spot but nevertheless, she could win anytime!

TOP 16

Miss Mexico 2012
Mexico - Karina Gonzalez
A very beautiful lady but we are disappointed with her performance. She was lifeless and she was just smiling and charming the judges, thank God it somehow worked. Nonetheless, we would like to see her in the Top 16.

Miss USA 2012
USA - Olivia Culpo

Olivia is such a sweet and charming lady, and we bet this is her best asset throughout the competition. Might not the best body or the best gown, but we bet this girl would shock us tomorrow. We are betting on you Olivia!

Miss Kosovo 2012
Kosovo - Diana Avdiu

Just like Georgia, Diana has this irresistible model look and we we think that she's the best crossover between a model and a beauty queen. She could steal Georgia in the 10th place but the bitchy aura of this lady didn't help her so. She gave a very solid and ravishing performance though.

Miss Netherlands 2012
Netherlands - Nathalie den Dekker

A very lovely European lady. This girl already proved herself at Miss World 2012 where she placed as one of the Top 15 semifinalist and with that experience, she used it as her weapon to edge out other delegates despite of her height. 

Miss Spain 2012
Spain - Andrea Huisgen

We think that she delivered a very solid performance. The elegant gown and perfect flowy train were indeed a nice combination! Her captivating smile, which admitted her best asset, caught our hearts. It's been a long journey for her. We wish she places!

Miss Malaysia 2012
Malaysia - Kimberly Leggett

Malaysia sent a very stunning young vixen this year! Kimberly is one of the surprises and best transformations this year. Her preliminary performance was a kaboom! 

Rounding off the Top 25 are: New Zealand, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Guatemala, Aruba,  Jamaica, & France

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