Saturday, 15 December 2012

UBC's Best in National Costume

The national costume competition was held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. The 88 candidates (minus Sweden who failed to present her national costume) ramp their national costumes with much pride and beauty.

UBC's Best in National Costume
Venezuela - Irene Esser
Best in North America
2nd: USA - Olivia Culpo
3rd: Israel - Lina Makhuli
Best in Asia
4th: Panama - Stephanie Vander Werf
Best in Central America
5th: Guatemala - Laura Godoy
6th: China - Diana Xu
Best in Asia
7th: Brazil - Gabriela Markus
Best in South America
8th: Colombia - Daniella Alvarez
9th: Georgia - Tamar Shedania
10: South Africa - Melinda Bam
Best in Africa
Kosovo - Diana Avdiu
Best in Europe

Cayman Islands - Lindsay Japan
Best in Caribbean

Australia - Renae Ayris
Best in Oceania