Friday, 16 September 2011


Welcome to the Part 2 of our review! So we will now be assessing with the Top 10 Finalists. But before we start may we just remind everyone that the Assessment is based on the UBC Judging Assessment System and with no connection with the Official Ranking.

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◘ TOP 10 ◘
(Evening Gown Competition)

Portugal|Laura Goncalves
Laura's gown is really promising. I love the color, it`s Indian Red. I love the line design in the upper part while the is really good! That`s a nice match up style! But the gown is to small for her and the cut in the center should have been avoided and the touch at the back should have been removed and the black heels is not a perfect match.

In the Swimsuit Competition, even though she is just the People`s Choice Award. We are really impressed on the performance she gave! The swimsuit color is really amazing and the sarong is a good combination! Orange is the color, the color really suits her skin tone.

Costa Rica|Johanna Solano
I agree with what one commentator said, that her gown is risky. Her gown is unconventional which means a gown that is not commonly used in pageants or it has an extraordinary design (like Dominican Republic`s gown in 2008). For me, I can`t find anything special with Johanna`s gown. It`s just plain with alternations at the lower part and flower designs at the upper part.She should have chose a better gown because it`s to risky. But I love the consistency in the color, all red!

Johanna rocked the Swimsuit Competition with her banging body. Those curves are ultimately stunning! She is sexy and elegant. The swimsuit color, which is yellow, is perfectly bright for her to stand out and make her body shine among all. And the pink sarong is also a perfect combination!

Panama|Sheldry Saez
Her lips is her greatest advantage among all. Sheldry`s Gown is totally refreshing. White is also refreshing! Those square silver sequins are really amazing. The thing is it makes the wearer stand out because it'd blinking, I mean it reflects light which can really help in order for the candidate to catch attention! I really also love the touch if her gown at the bottom, it`s so flowy! Good thing they used flowy clothes! On the contrary, the gown is difficult to carry, it`s so fit. I also love the while heels coordination! 

Sheldry's stint in the Swimsuit Competition is one of the best. Her violet swimsuit is amazing. There is a great coordination between her body and the color of the swimsuit because the swimsuit is a dark color while her skin is light. 

Australia|Scherri Lee Biggs
Scherri`s Gown is a wow! For the information of everybody, her gown didn't almost made it to the Final Night because of it`s revealing structure but as some reviews and checking passed by it was finally approved after the Preliminary Competition. Her gown is totally different! It is a whole see-through gown but there is an inner structure inside. In the preliminary competition, she used a white plain cocktail dress as an inner dress while in the Final Night after finally granted, she used a one-piece swimsuit inner. I also love the flower-structured sequins, which varies in color and they are sparkling! I love the heels, too different also. It`s a ribbon laced-style.

In the Swimsuit Competition, Australia gave an extraordinary performance! I love the styling, I love the consistency in the hair extensions.  On the contrary, her swimsuit color is quite hideous because it`s violet, which is a dark color and it didn`t suit into her tan skin

France|Laury Thilleman

Laury's gown is really great! A reminiscent of Monica Spear`s gown in 2005. I love the bra style on the upper part and the touch at the lower part while the two cloths touch ups at the back is really helpful also. And it's also flowy! Overall her gown is really catchy and the gown makes her sexy on the stage. She also exuded a proper styling which is a big thumbs up. Moreover, her superb performance made way for her to ranked at the 6th spot.

In the swimsuit competition, it was okayish and I love the color of the swimsuit but one of the hideous ones also. But she gave a superb performance also.

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