Sunday, 25 September 2011


Welcome to the Part 3 of our review! So we will now be assessing with the Top 5 Finalists. But before we start may we just remind everyone that the Assessment is based on the UBC Judging Assessment System and with no connection with the Official Ranking.
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◘ Top 5 ◘

Brazil|Priscilla Machado (2nd Runner Up)

Aside from it's shining color, it has a safe-risky design. Risky because the design is not really that demure and the pattern is catchy. Moreover, the inconsistency of the design is definitely a downfall.

In the Swimsuit Competition, her performance is definitely awesome. The yellow swimsuit complemented perfectly on her skin and blue sarong is a good combination too. I love the way she performed and the audience is an advantage.

Luo Zi Lin|China (4th Runner Up)
Roselyne`s gown is stunning! I love the design at the upper part and the see-through style! I love the color, it`s red! I think they imperatively used the color red because for Chinese, red is the color of luck. The red roses design is good also. And the sparkling effect is great! The lower part is okayish. Overall, she has one of the best gowns.

Meanwhile, during the swimsuit competition. Her towering height is a great advantage! She stood up among all and the yellow swimsuit didn't really went along with her skin tone because they are both bright colors but her performance, the swinging of the hips is a thumbs up!

Angola|Leila Lopes (winner)
Her gown is so flawless! I love it! I love the design at the breast part, so promising! and I love the color! The design at the leg part and the heels is ultimately stunning!

Meanwhile, during the swimsuit competition. I think she owns one of the best performance! Her smile is definitely catchy and lovely! WOW, the swimsuit color greatly complemented her black skin tone, it made her stood up above all!

Philippines|Shamcey Supsup (3rd Runner Up)

Shamcey`s Gown is one of the best of the night! It is so refreshing! I love layer of the circle bids. The blue shining flowers is ultimately stunning. The see-through is structure is perfectly amazing! And the back part is a good one also, I love the there is also details at the back portion. The gown is sparkling which can really catch the attention of the audience. The heels is a perfect match also! 

In the Swimsuit Competition, she also owns of the best performance! Interestingly, she didn't take off her sarong but it didn`t disturbed her performance. On the contrary, the yellow swimsuit didn`t really complemented her skin tone very well but the sarong is a perfect match on her skin tone!

and the number one is....

Miss UBC Universe 2011
Ukraine|Olesia Stefanko

Olesia`s gown is the most stunning one! I love the design! I love the way how she carried it, how she used it! It`s so plain but there is a special on it!It is so flowy and catchy! 

In the swimsuit competition, her pink swimsuit complemented well on her skin! She stood up very well! Her fast catwalk was undeniably awesome! She didn't used well her sarong but it was not a quite downfall for her. Her Sex appeal is a WOW! Congratulations Olesia

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More highlights to come!