Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day 2 – Miss World 2011 Talent Search Begins

Today we have witnessed a flamboyant display of dancing, singing, feathers and colour.

This morning the girls rehearsed their spectacular traditional dance routines, each girl
boasting an outfit unique in colour and design. The evening followed in a similar fashion
with the contestants enjoying each other’s talent auditions.

It is fair to say that the second day has finished on a high and the contestants are eager to
begin day three of their exciting tour of the UK.

The performers for the Talent Competition are just selected. They are Paraguay, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, US Virgin Islands, Lithuania, Barbados, South Africa, Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Venezuela, Canada, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Kazakhstan, Chile, St Barthelemy, China PR, Czech Republic and Indonesia. The winner will have an automatic slot to the Semifinals

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