Monday, 24 October 2011

Pageant Vixen Talks # 8: Aletha Shepherd


Pageant Vixen Talks # 8: Aletha Shepherd
by: Jay`Em

It's the 8th edition of our Pageant Vixen Talks and now is very significant because a girl from South America will now tell her experiences at Miss Asia Pacific World 2011, the most controversial pageant so far. So let us now welcome Miss Asia Pacific World Guyana 2011, Aletha Shepherd.

1. What prompted you to join Miss Asia Pacific World? Are you excited that you`ll be representing your country?
I was excited that it was meant to be a Super Talent contest. also the opportunity of going to the Busan Film Festival was what really convinced me to participate as I am an actress.
I am always excited to represent my country.

2. In your first days, how was the feeling of being in Korea?
The first few days were great. It was lovely meeting and getting to know all the girls. Also seeing Korea was amazing.

3. How`s the hospitality on Korea?
Korean hospitality was great.

4. Now did the issue of the "FIXED" pageant started when the time you recorded for your Day 11 video blog?
Yes Day 11 everything started going wrong.

5. Were you expecting that this issue would happen?
No we were all surprised and shocked by it.

6. Why were your translator not permitted to talk in behalf of the girls?
Because the organisation didn't want to get the police involved.

7. When you tried to settle with the organizers, who were the girls who were with you?
We all had a meeting in the lobby to sort out the issues. The only contestants not present were Venezuela, Brazil, Russia and Estonia.

8. Miss Wales tried to communicate through facebook when the 3 of you already got to another place, what did the other girls do when Miss Wales tried to contact the ladies?
They became scared after hearing the situation we went through at the airport.

9. Was it fair that Miss Korea won Miss Asia Pacific World 2011?
I think she won because they knew it would be easier not to give her, the winner prize money. She resigned straight after the competition.

10. How did your country respond with your shocking withdrawal?
They supported my decision and continue too. The people of my country are very strong minded and they would rather I withdrew than suffered any more injustice.

11. Were you not afraid to upload the video on public?
Before the incident I promised myself and my fans that I will show the beauty queen industry for what it is. I did not feel bad in anyway as I was only telling the truth as it happened. The good and the bad.

12. Now your back in Guyana, how will your country help you fight this matter?
My countries foriegn affairs office are in constant contact with me and we are dealing with the matters in order for the issue not affect our countries relationship with Korea or Asia. This is a rare isolated issue and should be seen as that.

13. What was worse after the 3 of you left or what news you got after you left the pageant?
The news we recieved from the girls was that the organiser refused to pay the bill of the hotel and the hotel called the police and locked all the girls bags in their rooms permitting them from leaving until the bill was settled. Also we were told the results of the final were messed up again.

14. Were you having a hard time to decide whether to stay or to withdraw?
Yes I found it hard as it wasn't just about myself but also my country I had to consider. I spoke with my management and came to a decision.

15. Valuable lesson you learn
The lesson wasn't for me to learn but for the organisers. They need to learn how to organise an international pageant to a better standard.

16. What message can you say to all girls who are entering beauty pageants
Make sure the pageant has proof of running a few years successfully. Also ensure the contract you sign is legally binding and if you are to win that you receive all prizes due. In the event that any part of the contract is broken by the organisers then you have the right to leave the pageant
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