Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pageant Vixen Talks # 9: Eka Gurtskaia

Pageant Vixen Talks # 9: Eka Gurtskaia
by: Jay`Em

We are going to release TWO Pageant Vixen Talks this week! And yes, you've seen the first one, and this is the second one, Eka Gurtskaia represented Georgia in the 2011 Miss Universe. She is a stunning ladies with a friendly personality! Get to know her more through this interview!

1. Who is Eka before Miss Universe 2011 and after the pageant?
I think I didn't change and I'm the same person, it don't matter where are you and what are you doing, you have to stay the same, but the contest definitely taught me a lot things and gave me great experience.

2. After competing, what lesson have you learned from the pageant?
As I told you the contest gave me really great experience, which is very important for me and this will help me in life, in my carrier.

3. How did you celebrated your success even though you didn't placed?
I think that when you are representing your country and you are the part of Miss Universe it means you are already winner. I celebrated with my friends this happiest moments.

4. What do you think of the newly crowned Miss Universe?
I like her and I think she deserved crown!

5. Did you made promises to some girls you've met?
Yes we have promised to visit each other and we are continuing our friendship.

6. When you got back to Georgia, what did you do?
First what I did was to sleep a lot I'm continuing my modeling career and also we just choose new Miss Georgia, I was in the judge and I'm proud we choose the girl who really deserved.

7. Will we see Eka compete in other pageants?
It would be cool, but I didn't decide yet, I 'm thinking about it.

8. How will you treasure this biggest experience?
I really appreciate this experience and this was one of the best days in my life, because I met so many interesting people, so many beautiful girls and with some of them I have close friendship.Generally people and relationships are most valuable for me.

9. What the feeling of representing Georgia?
It's great honor for me to represent my country, but the same time its biggest responsibility. I'm happy and proud with my title.

10. Message to all your fans!
I want to thank all the people who supported and trusted in me. With love from Georgia :)