Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pageant Vixen Talks # 7: Valerie Lim


Pageant Vixen Talks # 7: Valerie Lim
by: Jay`Em

How are you? Now, for the 7th edition for our Pageant Vixen Talks we will be featuring a Singaporean Beauty and a Stunner. She competed at Miss Earth 2009 where she placed as one of the Top 16 Quarterfinalists and just recently she competed at Miss Universe 2011. Get insights from her!

1. Describe yourself with 3 words.

spontaneous, crazy, multi-faceted

2. Who is Valerie Lim that most of the people don't know?

Valerie Lim in real life reads psychology books and is very interested in human behaviour because she graduated with a Bachelor in Social Sciences (Psychology). Also, I have worked with children with autism for 3 years.

3. What makes Valerie happy or inspired?

Making other people happy and beautiful!

4. Since you joined Miss Earth 2009, what were your strategies in aiming to be in the top 16?

My strategy was to just be myself and be the best queen I could. It was important to me to carry myself well, conduct myself in the best manner I could and always say beautiful things.

5. What factors or aspects in Miss Earth 2009 that helped you in competing in Miss Universe 2011?

Learning to navigate and manage 88 other girls from different countries in Miss Earth helped me in Miss Universe. However, we must always remember that the girls in each pageant is always different. Definitely going through Miss Earth helped me be better prepared mentally and also prepared me in the wardrobe department.

6. Who were your close friends during the pageant?

We all made good friends from all over the world. But close friends would definitely have to be Miss Thailand, Korea, Philippines and New Zealand.

7. During preliminaries, how did you handle the pressure?

I confided in my close friends during the preliminaries and we helped each other, making sure that we had everything well prepared to ease the pressure. Most importantly, we made each other laugh and just had a lot of fun!

8. As the pageant night goes nearer and nearer, who were your inspirations to make you stay strong?

The girls were all very supportive of each other and we kept encouraging each other as the final night drew nearer. We were all each other's inspirations.

9. Since Leila Lopes is the winner, did you expected her to win?

I think she is a very deserving winner. Because I got to interact with her more during the Formula 1 period in Singapore, I found out she is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is very professional and has a kind heart. A strong girl at heart she is definitely my Miss Universe 2011.

10. Now Miss Universe 2011 has ended, what will Ms. Valerie Lim do?

I'm currently taking a break and definitely have things in the pipeline that I will work on. Stay tuned!

11. Message to all your fans who supported you from Miss Earth 2009 to Miss Universe 2011.

Thank you very much for your constant support. I wish I could have pulled the same results as Miss Earth in Miss Universe but regardless of the results, I had a lot of fun and it was an amazing experience. Thank you for the love!

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