Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 - GAME ON!

Officially, Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 is starting through their sponsor visits and guestings. Main information about Miss Asia Pacific World 2011:

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 will held in Busan, Seoul, South Korea. 54 women will compete for the title. The pageant (formerly known as ‘Asia’ or 'Pacific' or Australasia' or ‘Asia Pacific’ Competition since the 1960s) that combines a beauty pageant and a supermodel search into one event is a super talent competition for discovering future global stars such as film stars, models, talents, spokeswomen and singers from Asia, Pacific, C.I.S., Europe. Africa, America. Lawrence Choi the founder of Miss Asia Pacific World Competition developed drawing a spectacular array of beautiful glam slam pageants titleholders, attracted Asia's top personalities, Kpop and Korean Wave to judge the events. The combination is an unprecedented success. World-renowned for gorgeous women and a large celebrity following, slogan as 'Creates Super Talent Olympic by Grand Slam Beauty Queens'

Arrivals of ladies was indeed a mark of competition, but probably they also acquire friendship. As I see arrivals pictures, who stand out for me were: Miss Australia, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Indonesia, Miss Guam, Miss Canada, Miss Philippines, Miss France, Miss Nepal, Miss Panama, Miss Brazil, Miss Finland and Miss Peru. Pictures will follow soon! But keeep updated here on Universal Beauty Council about this pageant, remember, this years batch are so stunning!