Saturday, 12 November 2011

COUNTRY OF THE YEAR: LATEST RANKING: Did your country made it?

3 Major pageants down and one to go!

Each year there are many countries who send delegates to the 4 Major Pageant: Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International. Every year, we give recognition to the countries who excelled in the 4 pageants which means their candidates placed on both four pageants. However, excelling both in the 4 pageants is not easy to achieve so it paved way to the creation of the Country of the Year Leader Board.

This Leader Board presents the countries who excels most every year by a pointing-system basis done by the council Tabulators. Here are the current Leader Board after Miss Universe 2011, Miss World 2011 and Miss International 2011. This is a 3/3 basis since Miss Earth 2011 pageant will be on December 3, 2011.

RankingCountryMiss Universe 2011Miss World 2011Miss International 2011Total
1Venezuela40 200190 (Miss Photogenic)430
2Philippines140 18050 (Miss Internet)370
3Puerto Rico40160150 (Miss Active)350
5Panama70 (Best in NC)

6Sweden10 (Miss Photogenic)404090

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