Friday, 25 November 2011

●●•∙UBC's Miss Earth 2011 Evening Gown Review (By Lady Winter)∙•●●

Review done by: Lady Winter

Due to the number of evening gown pictures posted lately here in Miss Earth section, it is becoming difficult to choose which is the best. There is still no certainty that the evening gowns that our girls wore during the evening gown presentation may not be their final wardrobes at all. Nonetheless, I made my own selections. I classified the gowns loosely as 'Pageant Dress', 'Party Dress', 'Avant Garde', 'Haute Couture', 'Ball Gowns' and 'Forgettable Dress'. I chose the best girl among those in groups I personally deemed appropriate. Overall styling, poise and designs are my top criteria.

Miss Bahamas really looks fiery and in fighting form with her up-do bun and red mermaid dress. She accentuated her physical assets with this dress. Sri Lanka looks great also with that very regal punch on this purple and lavender silk gown. 
Miss Taipei has improved a lot in here and her red mermaid dress is just right for her. 

Miss Japan is very divine and lovely in this yellow silk gown, matching the dress with her flawless skin. 
Her styling is so feminine and relaxed. Misses Crimea and Guatemala are both gorgeous with their hairstyles. 
I love the flower designs.

Although I am not a big fan of ruffles and unconventional designs, Miss Sweden carried the gown quite well. 
Her rather sweet smile added to the playful ruffles design. 
Miss Peru is also stunning with her glittery silver gown. I thought coins were glued to the skirt. 
Miss Netherlands' gown is so flamboyant. Too bad I don't like her styling that much but still with edge on others. 


I really had a difficult time in choosing the best among this group. Miss Colombia is so hard to miss in this area. 
Her overall styling is near-perfect, from head to toe though a bit sexy for ME 2011 I guess. 
It would be a pageant mortal sin if Misses Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Ukraine and Mexico were ignored. 
Too bad my bubbly Italian Girl, Panamanian Peacock Beauty and Venezuelan Doll are lagging behind. 
So lovely ladies, so exquisite gowns.

BEST IN BALL GOWN - Miss Germany

When I saw Miss Germany's gown, I was in awe because it is so bridal-beautiful, voluminous and Victorian-ish. 
Miss Czech Republic's metallic silver lamae gown is hard to ignore. 
May not be a typical ball gown but on her, she carried it with confidence. 
I find Miss Indonesia's overall styling elegant as well. She looks like a princess here. Very regal too. 
Miss Ecuador's gown is so Ivian Sarcos MW 2011 in blue but I still like it though. 
Miss Malaysia is so wow with this ball gown. Too bad for Hasleen, she has much to cover up with her ruffles but the colors are great. 

Curse me but these gowns are so hideous, made worse by poor styling. 
These dresses may be good on other events but not for a beauty pageant.
Overall, my personal choice for the girls to beat in this evening gown presentation are Miss Bahamas, Miss Japan, Miss Colombia, Miss Paraguay, Miss Germany and Miss Czech Republic if the gowns were judged and classified based on the above groupings.


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