Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pageant Vixen Talk # 12: Aferdita Dreshaj

Pageant Vixen Talk # 12: Aferdita Dreshaj
by: Irvz
Welcome to the 12th edition of Pageant Vixen Talks! We are so grateful that in this edition we will be introducing a Goddess from Miss Universe 2011. She was definitely an early fave for the in Miss Universe 2011. She was singer transformed into a model and most of all a well-known beauty queen in Kosovo and Albania!

1. Who is Aferdita before she entered pageants?
Before the pageant I was a model and an albanian singer, traveling everywhere and still dreaming that one day I will make my dream come true and walk that big stage of miss universe!

2. What do you usually do outside the world of pageantry?
I'm a singer so im almost every day going through music studios listening and working on new songs..tv shows, interviews and holding concerts. Of course I like to have my free time too, where i dont like to wear any make up sit and relax with my loved ones..

3. What are your most unforgettable Miss Universe experiences?
Oh, its something I cant describe, something i cannot forget..88 beautiful girls from all over the world..different cultures, different languages, spending 3 unforgatble weeks together and enjoying every activity we had ! Pictures that will last a lifetime and contacts we have with each other forever...

4. Who were the ladies that you first met in Brazil?
 My supervisor that was always with me and sonsweet, and the MU crew.

5. Was there any celebration in your home country after the Miss Universe pageant?
Of course, they were so happy with my presentation I did in Brasil they were proud and thankful. I came here to full of interviews, tv shows and parties and they were all happy to hear everything about miss universe in Brasil.

6. When you were called in the top 16, what was going in your mind at that time?
wow! I was the second one called and in that moment everything was going on my mind... One thing for sure was "wow im top 15 in the universe" i was really happy!

7. How do you handle the pressure when you were on that stage in Brazil?
I was nervous, happy, scared, and mostly proud that i have this opportunity that not a lot of girls have it!

8. Will we ever see you joining other pageants again?
Maybe why not 

9. What's next for Aferdita?
New york, Paris and Milan..and of course new songs and videos

10. Message to fans.
I want to thank u all everywhere in the world for ur support!! Without u i couldnt have done it! Im blessed to wake up to all your msgs n tweets! Keep tweeting me n follow me on Aferdita Dreshaj (@RealMissKosovo) You guys give me life!!! Big kiss from Kosovooo