Friday, 4 November 2011

Miss International 2011 Pre-Pageant Updates!

Here are some updates we have gathered:
1. The candidates rehearsed all day.
2. The candidates are divided into continents for the Opening Number.
3. In the Opening Number, some will wear their National Costumes while 3-4 girls are chosen to perform their talent.
4. The choreography is super hard to do.
5. Exclusive Inside Scoop:
♦ Philippines will perform her Majorette Talent
♦ China will perform her Traditional Dance
♦ India will show her Bollywood Dance
♦ Korea will dance Nobody
♦ Spain will perform her Flamenco dance
♦ Russia will perform her solo dance with her partner
6. All day they practice the blocking for Evening Gown, Swimsuit and Top 15.
7. The stage has three levels with mirrors, columns and a curved runway!
8. The venue is huge

Special Thanks to Lito Mora of OPMB

Miss International Official Website: