Monday, 14 November 2011

Pageant Vixen Talks # 13: Kelly Weekers

Pageant Vixen Talk # 13: Kelly Weekers
by: Irvz

A Message from Irvz, the interviewer :)
Last time, I interviewed Miss Universe Australia 2010/Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner-up/Miss Congeniality.And today, I give you another exciting interview with Miss Universe Netherlands 2011; Kelly Weekers! Hope you like it guys!

It`s really an achievement that it`s our 13th edition for our Pageant Vixen Talks! And we have to tell you, there are many more to come! Anyways, in the 13th edition of PVT is another prestigious girl! She is a Miss Universe 2011 Top 16 semifinalist and a known young, fresh and blonde superbeauty of Miss Universe 2011. She hails from Netherlands! 

1. Tell us more about yourself.
I'm Kelly Weekers, 22 years old and I'm Miss Netherlands Universe. In my childhood days I lived with my parents and my little sister and was surrounded by family and friends. I finished my school and at age 17 and went to live on my own because I started studying psychology at the University and now I have my bachelors degree already. During this time I also enjoyed the student life by becoming a member of a sorority. My parents always thought me that it is important to work so I started working as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant. Soon after I started modelling which is now my job for the past 6 years. I always enjoyed this very much and that’s why I became interested in beauty pageants. Without knowing too much about it I applied for Miss Netherlands. 2,5 months later I was Miss Netherlands Universe! Everything I learned about pageants I learned within the last few months.

2. What motivated you to join pageants?
Since 6 years I am working as a model doing shoots and shows in the Netherlands and abroad. I always enjoyed this a lot so this made me interested in the pageant world. I decided to sign myself up for the provincial pageant and now I am Miss Netherlands Universe. So happy!

3. How do you feel when your were included in the top 16?
I was so happy that I made the top 16. This hasn't happened in the last 10 years for the Netherlands so I felt very proud. At the moment they announced the top 16 I couldn't even think anymore because of my nerves. I only thought when they say 'Netherlands' make sure you walk to your new spot as Practised. And then they did say my country: I was super excited, couldn't stop smiling!

4. Who were the ladies that you first made friends with in Brazil?
All the girls in Brazil were super nice! All the rumours of an hostile admosphere are so untrue! But ofcourse with 89 girls you can't be besties with everyone. Right from the beginning I spend most time with Miss France & Peru. Also I had a lot of fun with USA and Bahamas. And actualy so much more girls... I miss them all so much!

5. How do you describe yourself?
My friends always tell me that it is typically “Kel” to be very down to earth. They love it that from the outside I am always glitter & glamour but from the inside I am as normal as it gets. I think it is important to stay friendly and respectful to everyone. I am not easily upset: I never think in problems, always solutions. Also they love my sarcastic humour, something I inherited from my father. I love making jokes. Nothing better than having fun with friends and having a big smile on your face. And you can definitely remember me as the girl that always wants to keep everything clean and organized. Maybe I am the reincarnation of a cleaning lady 

 6. What do you mostly do outside the world of pageantry?
I posponed my Master year at the university to fullfil my duties and enjoy the life as Miss Netherlands Universe. Also I still do a lot of modeling. In my free time I try to spend as much time as possible on my family, friends and dog! 

7. Hobbies
I consider my job a hobby so thats something I like a lot and invest a lot of time in. I also spend a lot of time on my sorority: citytrips, organzing parties, diners etc. These girls are my best friends so I can't miss them for too long. I also love traveling, arts & culture, watching a good movie, listing to some great music and ofcourse shopping!!

8. What has been the most amazing thing that you've experienced in your whole life and why?
That's defenintely the chance of participating in Miss Universe. It is truely the experience of a lifetime, meeting all the girls, doing so many activities, interviews, fotoshoots, a huge TV show etc. This is something very unique that a lot of girls want every year but only a few actually got to do. I feel very greatful and will never forget it!

9. Message to fans.
Thank you all for supporting me so much in the last few months. A small message of someone you don't even know can still do so much! I'm glad I could make you all proud by making the Netherlands enter the top at Miss Universe again! I'll keep you all posted about my activities in the future (twitter:@missuniversenl) Big hug and lots of kisses, Kelly!