Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pageant Vixen Talks # 14: Yara Mikhael

Pageant Vixen Talks # 14: Yara Mikhael

Hi guys! From Europe will be going back to Asia for our Pageant Vixen Talks this week. This time, an Arab stunner will dominate us this week. She is a Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2011 contestant. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Yara, the sweet girl from Lebanon!

1. Are there any change in yourself after Miss Universe? 
No, i am very grateful for the opportunity i had to participate in Miss Universe and i simply made the most of it. 2- I am very thankful i have a friend in approximetly every country.

2. How did you treasure this experience you've got?
I am very thankful i have a friend in approximetly every country.

3. How was the feeling of representing Lebanon?
It has always been a dream for me to represent my country and i must admit some countries are easier to represent in Miss Universe.

4. After the pageant, what did you do?
I spent quality time with my family and started my preparations for Miss World.

5. Did you made promises to some girls? If you mind to share them?
I promised some girls that became close friends that we are going to meet again, if not in Beirut in their country, and they are most welcome to spend their vacation at my place.

6. What did you do when you arrived in Lebanon?
Beirut is missable, as soon as i arrived i saw my friends, i ate lebanese food and continued my duties and projects as Miss Lebanon 2011.

7. What were your preparations for your 2nd Pageant this year which is Miss World2011, which is one of the Major Pageants?
 have had enough practice to know how I should prepare for beauty pageant. I am basically getting a lot of workout, facial care for my face and getting my amazing wardrobe ready!
8. What values that you learned in Miss Universe that you brought in Miss World?
I learned a lot in the previous competitions i did, this is a great benefit for me. I believe i will be more at ease in Miss World because my personality is closer to the Miss World image.

9. How is the feeling of after another pageant, you go training again for another pageant?
Its a good thing because I'm still in the pageant world, but it is going to be hard for me to get back to my normal life when its all over.

10. Despite the stressful days, how do you give yourself pampering?
When I have free time I enjoy a nice workout at the gym and facials at the spa!

11. Message to your fans who supported you from Miss Universe and now in Miss World?
THANK YOU ALL for your support! Don't miss my daily posts on twitter and on my facebook page to stay up to date in my Miss World Journey! Lots of love from Lebanon!

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