Monday, 28 November 2011

Pageant Vixen Talk # 15: Stephanie Siriwardhana

Pageant Vixen Talk # 15: Stephanie Siriwardhana

Hi guys! Welcome to 15th series of the PVT! We are so glad and grateful that we've reached this far! On the 15th is another Miss Universe 2011 stunner! She was renowned because she ia woman endowed with such a cute face during the pageant! She is Miss Sri Lanka Universe 2011!

1. Who is really Stephanie if she is with family and friends?
Well I am pretty much the same person no matter where or with who I am. I am a strong believer in always being true to yourself and true to who you are!

2. What made Stephanie join Miss Universe?
Well to be honest it was actually my mother who put in my application without my knowledge. When I cam back from a dance class one day in June she said “ Guess what I did?!?” and she told me she had entered me. I took some time and thought about it as this was something completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. I finally thought that if I actually won this pageant there would be a lot of space and opportunity for me to do a lot of good for Sri Lanka and since this has always been one of my goals I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take part in the pageant!

3. After Miss Universe 2011, what changed you did gone through?
Well I guess you can say I'm much better acquainted with my feminine side. I feel like this experience has really helped me embrace my femininity to the fullest.

4. Now after all the experience, how do you define Miss Universe?
I think Miss Universe is more than just a beauty pageant. It is a platform where women can get international exposure and it can be used as a great stepping stone for them to achieve their goals and voice their opinions regardless of what their specific avenues might be.

5. Many people said that you should be Miss Congeniality, how will you react to this?
Well I really appreciate that thought! I think I was pretty close to most girls and loved having fun and enjoying the moments with all of them! I truly love them all. It seems so cliche to say it but it is the honest truth that meeting and getting to befriend the girls is definitely one of the main highlights of the pageant!

6. Did you made promises to some girl? If you did, what did you promised?
Well I promised all of them that I would come visit them in their countries eventually! I love traveling and exploring new countries and cultures so its great to know someone in almost every country in the world!

 7. Did you celebrated your success when you got back to Sri Lanka?
 Well not really. A lot of people congratulated me and gave me many well wishes which was quite sweet. In terms of an actual official celebration however there wasn't a red carpet and a huge party with a chocolate fountain out!

 8. What will Stephanie do in a year in her reign after competing Miss Universe?
Well I have quite a few plans for the remainder of my reign. First I want to get involved with a couple of charities which focus on children, mainly orphans. I am also in the process of starting up my own charity which will work with children and child soldiers here which will hopefully start functioning within the next couple of months. Simultaneously I am working on some songs which I plan to release quite soon as singing has always been one of my passions. I also teach a bit of dancing here and am currently the Deputy CEO of a Publications company so I guess you could say I have quite a few projects that I am working on!

 9. Will we see Stephanie in another pageant?
Who knows! One can never know where life takes them so we shall see about that.

 10. Message to your fans!
Thank you so much for all your support, love and well wishes it is extremely touching! Always be proud of who you are, embrace yourself to the fullest and always follow your dreams as anything in life is possible! I love you all!!

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Miss Stephanie!"
Greetings from UBC