Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pageant Vixen Talk # 17: Sara El-Khouly

Pageant Vixen Talk # 17: Sara El-Khouly
by: Jay`Em

Sara is a 23-year old girl from Alexandria, Egypt. Her title is originally Miss World Egypt 2010 but since a governmental conflict in Egypt happened that time, the organization decided to send Sara as the official representative of Egypt for Miss Universe 2011. Let's know her more!

 1. Describe Sara El-Khouly in 3 words
Spontaneous, feminine, chocolate addict

2. Who is Sara that people don't really know?
I am sometimes very quite other times I am talkative. Many people are often surprised by how shy I can be sometimes. I am extremely caring and quite thoughtful of others.I am sometimes extremely hyper and do crazy things only a child would do. I also have a very soft side to me which I show maybe only 2 people in my life. I pray quite often for I believe it keeps us grounded and strong in life…and you can never "not" have hope when you pray, you feel safe and a peace of mind. And last but not least I love indian movies!


3. What got you into beauty pageants?
My spontaneous side.. =)

4. Since you joined Miss World, what were your strategies to get a spot?
To be honest I didn't have "strategies" other then be my self,do my best, represent Egypt as beautifully as I can and make the best out of every minute =) !

5. How did you applied your experience in Miss World to Miss Universe?
I didn't, two entirely different experiences
Sara has one of the captivating Evening Gown throughout the
Preliminary Competition.

6. How did you handled the pressure in Miss Universe?
When you take things one at a time, then theres no pressure. Some people might stress on a situation and make it a whole lot bigger, but really why the drama when you can just go with the flow and not let anything get to you. I honestly didn't feel any pressure, sometimes I'd just be tired and need a break,,,and when I did, I'd take my phone and VENT on one of my friends back home, haha.

7. After Miss Universe, what would be your plans?
BACK to SCHOOL. I want to catch up and graduate. I also want to start something of my own, a tv show or a fashion line,,,,I don't know I am excited about what the future holds =)

8. Message to you fans
THANK YOU all very much, there are no words that can even thank you enough for your support, love and critique! It helped me grow into a stronger individual, helped me reach wonderful places in my life and….the best things my fans give me is the smile they always manage to put on my face! Much Love, xoxo

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Sara"
Greetings from UBC

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