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Pageant Vixen Talks # 18: Anedie Azael

Pageant Vixen Talks # 18: Anedie Azael
by: Jay`em

Anedie is a beauty queen from Haiti. Anedie is a great lady with many advocacies for her country, Haiti. With her great personality, indeed many will love her. Anedie represented her country in the 2011 Miss Universe. She has a website which is and it's purpose to get in touch on her daily experiences in Haiti and her blog also. So we ended up interviewing her and here it is! :)

1. Who is Anedie that people doesn't know?
A lot of people do not know that I am a Business Woman and an Entrepreneur. I am planning on becoming a brand. News to come soon.

2. What change did you see since you were a child to the time you become a beauty queen?
Growing up as a child I was a tom boy. As I reach my teens I started becoming more feminine and now I am a Beauty Queen where all eyes are on me. I used to be a very shy girl also growing up. When I stood in front of my class to speak I used to become red like a tomato (haha). I had low self esteem as I had a hunchback, so I always struggled to keep my back straight, I even wore a brace at one point. Now as a young woman, I developed my self esteem and I am confident and comfortable with myself.     

3. Why did Anedie join into beauty pageants?
I was never into the pageant world growing up. it wasn't until this year 2011 that I wanted to represent my country- Haiti- throughout the Universe. This is the 2nd year that Haiti is involved in Miss Universe after 23 years of being absent and I wanted to show the world how great people Haitians are, what beauty we have as all we see in the Media is negative. So basically showing the world the positive of Haiti and I feel that so far people are very receptive to this positive image I want to show of my Haiti cherie.  

4. How do you overcome the pressure during Miss Universe 2011?
Honestly I did not really have any pressure surprisingly during the competition. The only time I was a bit panicking is for the finally when they were picking the Top 16. I was waiting for my name looking at the lights in the crowd. Just sometimes I would feel really overwhelmed as we were 89 girls and lots of "women energies" were flowing. For example, a lot of the girls were "camera hungry" so every time they saw a camera they would run towards it, whereas me I stood behind as I think the camera should come to me not me running towards it. But at night and sometimes in the morning I would meditate on my day and just refocus myself. that is important to always be at peace with yourself. It is all about balance. 

5. What made you come up to have video blogs in Brazil?
haha- three reasons. 
First I wanted the world to have a view of what us- pageant girls- are really about. Our true self!!! Not the girl that is all proper and in front of the cameras, but the young woman that can act silly and just be herself.
second: I wanted to show my fellow Haitians what the pageant world is all about, as we in Haiti did not have any idea of what the pageant world consisted of. So I wanted to be a mentor to the new Misses to come as I did not have a mentor myself to give me the real deal about Miss Universe Pageant. 
Third: I wanted to show the world what Haiti is all about through my beauty. And I had soooooo many great feedbacks. That made me smile everyday :) :) 

6. Many people said you should be "Miss Congeniality" how do you responded to that matter?
Well, what people think about me is more important than "the title" itself. I feel in my heart that I am Miss Congeniality- even Miss Universe- because I made friendship with all- or most- of the other Misses and still now I still keep in touch with them, and that's what its all about. Little secret- day after we all voted for our Miss congeniality a lot of the girls said they should have voted for another girl- but hey!!! I really appreciate the fact that a lot of people said i deserved to win Miss Congeniality- that means so so so much to me. 
Big kiss and hug to those of you that thought so. 

7. What did you feel during preliminaries?
I felt really strong during preliminaries. I know my personal interview was strong and I am confident of my walk, my stage presence is full of energy. I really do not know how I did not make Top 16 9not to sound conceited or anything- just being real)- but oh well!!! I feel a lot of politics were involved in the decision making. 

8. How tiring is the rehearsals?
Oh my! now that was murder. Last week of the pageant we would rehearse ALL day- from like 9AM to 9PM. My feet used to hurt and I love to wear heels everyday. But during that week I was asking for a break hahaha. It was really intense but thinking about it now was such great experience and training. Great memories!

9. Funniest moment you have ever been into when you were in Brazil
Oh my!!! The funniest thing during Miss Universe is that in our rooms we did not have access to internet so there is one room available for all the misses called "hospitality room" where there was 8 computers for 89 girls. wow!!! we used to run to the hospitality room when we arrived to the hotel. I mean RUN to get a computer. this room was where we all met and got together. there's always food and candy in there. Whatever you needed. That was the funniest moments to me. Girls fighting for a computer! So fun. Awww man I miss that. 

10. What will Anedie do after Miss Universe?
I have my non-profit organization called: Peace Love International where we empower women and children. I am currently establishing my office in Haiti. I am working really hard to help as many people as possible with my title. I am also trying to develop myself as I brand. I want to do perfumes, sunglasses, and much more where at least 30% of profits will benefit my organization. Soon soon soon. lastly I want to travel everywhere :) that is one of my passions. So far after Miss Universe I went to Washington DC, New York, Miami representing my country. I also want to find ways to empower children so I plan on travelling and going to schools to empower children through my life experience. If you would like to invite me to your country email me :) 

12. Message to all your supporters.
Thank you so much for all the support during the pageant. The ones that messaged me a Big Kiss and Hug to you as I read ALL the messages. to the ones that are still supporting me: I LOVE YOU. There is a lot of negativity in the world, stay away from that. Always keep yourself positive, think positive, be positive. Also remember to dream, always. That's what keeps you going. Aim high for your dreams, and NEVER STOP DREAMING! I LOVE YOU ALL. XOXO.

 Indeed, a great interview! We, UBC, wish you all the best in your endeavors Anedie! We ♥ You! :)

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