Friday, 9 December 2011

Hot Controversies after the Miss Earth Pageant

     So, we already saw the final night of Miss Earth 2011, and....majority(I think) didn't like the results, everyone was so curious on why India didn't make the cut and why Miss Venezuela didn't take home the crown. Of course! Those questions also ran into our minds after the results have been blurted out, but we can't do anything about it but just to accept the results because we can't turn back time (we really wish we could) haha! Now, moving on to our REAL TOPIC here. 
     After the Miss Earth pageant, we ran in to some controversies about our dear contestants when they went home...something about Miss Earth USA, Nicole Kelley saying some not-so-nice things about the Philippines and Miss India's Hasleen Kaur CAUGHT SMUGGLING?? OMG! This is such a shocking news! And we're hear to let it all out!

First controversy is about Nicole Kelley


Miss Earth USA 2011 Nicole Kelley had a controversial status update on Facebook that allegedly lambasted Filipinos and the Philippines. Kelley claims her account was hacked and she was not the one who posted the verbal attack.

In her personal Facebook account, “Nicole Lynn,” Kelley allegedly stated:
“I hardly made it to manila and we already attended a ridiculous tv show. So annoying!!! These people want to touch you and be with you all the time!! I can’t understand a word they say. I can’t wait to go back home. This country is so dirty and noisy. I’m scared to eat!!! What a mess. On a lighter note I don’t see any real competition. Will keep you updated my loves.”
On November 19, she posted on her Facebook fan page:
“I know that there has been something maliciously circulated about me and I want everyone to know that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT say anything of the sort I am very sorry about this!!! Someone hacked my account and has been posting comments as me. I was at a community garden tour this morning when it was posted and I am very disappointed in whomever would be so malicious!!!! Cyber- bullying should NEVER be tolerated and as Miss Earth US I won't tolerate it either!!! On a better note I am ABSOLUTELY enjoying my time here in the Philippines, the people are fantastic!!”
The term “Miss Earth USA” became a trending topic nationwide on Twitter on December 7, four days after the pageant’s coronation night. On the same day, Kelley reiterated her explanation, saying:
“This is last time I will address this... I NEVER said ANYTHING in poor taste or negative about the Philippines, the Philippino people, or anything else I am being accused of!!! All I can offer is an apology that my facebook account was hacked and to say that I had no internet access on those few days and that carousel supports me that it was not me making these comments. Cyberbullying is INEXCUSABLE and anyone who participates will be reported to facebook!!! From now on let's live by the saying if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything AT ALL!!! I had a fantastic time with all my girls in the Philippines and thank you from the bottom of my heart to carousel for providing us all this once in a LIFETIME opportunity!!! Stay glamorously green forever and always!!! Miss Earth United States 2011”

She also made a video apologizing to the Filipinos about the fb post on her account:

So, did you guys really think that someone hacked her account? Let us know!

Moving on to the second controversy about Miss India's Hasleen Kaur:


Its been a tough time for Hasleen Kaur, Miss Earth India 2011 after she failed to make it to the semis of Miss Earth 2011. While she has been a favorite, her exclusion raised serious doubts about the pageant and ended India's campaign at international pageants with nothing on the kitty.
As if matters are not that bad for Hasleen, Midday reported that she was detained in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai for allegedly trying to smuggle in high end purses and cosmetics to the country. By not declaring these branded items worth 1.9 million rupees (roughly 1.6 million pesos or US$ 36, 000), Hasleen was detained for what is considered as a case of smuggling and was only released after the items were confiscated.
Hasleen was bound home after her participation at Miss Earth pageant in Manila. She stopped over at Bangkok prior arriving in Mumbai's premier airport.

Poor Hasleen, she really is one of our favorites during the competition. I wonder what happened to them now. We know, this is such WHAT THE HELL news! But do you guys still love them after knowing the truth behind their crowns? 

So there you go guys! If you have any comments about the said controversies, tell us about it by commenting using your Facebook accounts! 

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