Friday, 23 December 2011

UBC's Categorization of International Pageants

A lot of Pageant websites and organizations in the world has their own preferential distinguishing scale of identifying an international pageant according to it's category. In most, pageant websites they prefer to distinguish international pageants as Major or Minor. But in UBC's way, we the council, formulated three preferential categories for these international pageants. Here are they:

MAJOR PAGEANTS - those pageants who exemplifies a great cause, commendable production, amazing reputation throughout it's life, number of contestants, media attractiveness and wide international fan-base or to be general those pageants who exemplifies PRESTIGE

1. Miss UNIVERSE - created in 1962 (USA)

2. Miss WORLD - created in 1951 (UK)

3. Miss EARTH - created in 2001 (Philippines)

4. Miss INTERNATIONAL - created in 1960 (USA-JAPAN)

SEMI-MAJOR - those pageants who exemplifies half/or a few of the traits of being a Major but doesn't have a wide international fan-base and media attractiveness but the production is great.

1. Miss TOURISM QUEEN INTERNATIONAL - created in 1949 but held it's world Final in 1993

2. Miss SUPRANATIONAL - created in 2009 (Poland)

3. Miss INTERCONTINENTAL - created in 1973 (Panama)

All the rest are considered MINOR PAGEANTS